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What Can DCU Save You?

DCU Friends and Family Lending, Powered by ZimpleMoney

Managing Loans Between Friends and Family

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DCU Friends and Family Lending, Powered by ZimpleMoney

Need a loan tracking system to easily automate, monitor, and track a loan made to a friend or family member? The DCU Friends and Family Lending, powered by ZimpleMoney system takes the headache out of tracking and monitoring loans and payments of any kind by providing these benefits and many more:

  • Automated Loan Tracking System
  • Automated Billing and Collection
  • Automated Payment Alerts and Reminders
  • Automated Accounts Posting
  • Convenient Direct Deposits

Please note that there are modest fees for the service. Details will be available after you register.

DCU Friends and Family Lending, Powered by ZimpleMoney

The DCU Friends and Family Lending platform, powered by ZimpleMoney, provides a loan workspace for borrowers and lenders to manage their private, interfamily or business financial agreements. This site is specially designed to help the lender and the borrower manage larger, more complex loans.

It’s a great choice if one or more of these conditions are true:

  • The loan amount is $5,000 or more (though you can do less)
  • There is more than one lender on the loan
  • You want interest calculated for you
  • You want payments to be automatically pulled from the borrower’s account and disbursed to the lenders’ accounts
  • You want or need detailed records of the loan along the way

This service can calculate interest for virtually any type of loan. Both the borrower and lenders can pull reports on the loan at their convenience. There are modest fees to manage the loan and process payments. Most of them are automatically discounted if the borrower or lender is a DCU member. You don’t typically see these fees in a credit union or bank loan because the interest you pay covers those costs. Typically the lender and borrower agree up front that the borrower pays the fees since the loan if primarily for the benefit of the borrower.

ZimpleMoney powers this service for DCU. There are support tools on the site and ZimpleMoney typically answers email support questions within one business day.

Please note: the DCU Friends and Family Lending, powered by ZimpleMoney User Guide is available to download once you register.

ZimpleMoney Loan Worksheet

Managing your loans just got Zimpler. By using the DCU Friends and Family Lending, powered by ZimpleMoney platform, you'll be able to track and manage loans, as well as receive event notices like a payment is due, was sent, or received to your account.

To get you started, please register and complete the following Loan Worksheet.

DCU offers two free alternatives to the DCU Friends and Family Lending platform. They can be used to move loan payments online. Consider them for simpler loans where you'll do your own loan recordkeeping.

DCU People Pay

Send money to anyone that has an email address or mobile phone number. An easy way to move loan payments up to $500 a transaction.

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Member-to-Member Transfers

Move money from your DCU account to another member’s DCU account. These can be set up in the DCU Mobile Banking app.

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