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What Can DCU Save You?

Ltd Savings Account

High variable rates, unlimited deposits, one free monthly withdrawal

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Ltd Savings Account

Ltd Savings Account

  • Our highest variable savings account rates
  • Unlimited deposits
  • No charge for first withdrawal per month*
  • $25,000 minimum to earn dividends
  • $0 to open
  • Free online, mobile, and branch access
  • Federally insured by NCUA

*A withdrawal is defined as any money removed from the account whether it is cash or a transfer of funds.

Please refer to Details and Rates tabs for additional information and important disclosures.

"Useful Product"

Open quote This product is a good compromise between a Money Market account and a Certificate, especially in these low interest times. Very useful if you are saving for a specific need. Close quote

— Jeff, Boxborough, MA

Ltd Savings Account Details

  • Our highest variable savings account rates – The DCU Ltd Savings Account offers you rates comparable to our highest Money Market Account rates in exchange for reduced withdrawals. If you need more frequent access, the Money Market Account would be a better choice for you. If you don't need regular access, you should consider our Jumbo Certificates for even higher returns.
  • Unlimited deposits – Add to your account as often as you like for free.
  • No charge for first withdrawal per month – The withdrawal can be any amount of money removed from the account in the form of cash or a transfer of funds. The second and any subsequent withdrawals each month are $25 each.
  • $25,000 minimum to earn dividends – Dividends are paid from day of deposit to day of withdrawal compounded daily and paid monthly.
  • $0 to open
  • Free online, mobile, and branch access – You can access your account 24 hours a day using any DCU ATM, Online Banking, and Easy Touch Telephone Teller. You can access your account in any DCU branch and make deposits online anytime with a scanner or camera in your smart phone by Online Deposit.
  • Federally insured by NCUALearn more about insurance on all your savings at DCU and how to maximize your coverage.

Dividends are paid on entire balance for each day a $25,000 balance is maintained. Dividends are posted at the end of each calendar month. Paid dividends remaining in the account will earn dividends at the same rate and on the same terms. Dividends compound daily and are based on a 365-day year. Accrued dividends not yet posted will be forfeited if account is closed. The minimum balance required to maintain current status is $0.01. You can make a maximum of one no charge withdrawal from the account each calendar month. A fee of $25.00 will be automatically assessed for each additional withdrawal during the month.

Rates may change after the account is opened and are subject to change weekly. Refer to DCU's Truth-In-Savings Disclosure and Account Agreements and Schedule of Fees and Service Charges.

Please refer to Features and Rates tabs for more information.

Ltd Savings Accounts*

Minimum balance of $25,000 to earn dividends. No minimum to open. Unlimited deposits. One no charge withdrawal per month.

Balance Tiers Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield
When daily balance is $25,000 or more 1.05% 1.06%

Rates are effective .

*Rate may change after the account is opened and is subject to change weekly. Funds earn dividends from the first business day of deposit and are compounded daily and posted monthly. Accrued dividends are forfeited if account is closed prior to monthly dividend posting. Fees or other conditions may reduce earnings on these accounts. Refer to DCU's Truth-in-Savings Disclosures and Account Agreements, Ltd Savings Account Application and Disclosure, and Schedule of Fees and Service Charges.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is a figure calculated using a federally-mandated formula. It's designed to help you compare the return you'll get in a uniform way between the certificate, savings, and money market accounts offered at various institutions. It tells you at what percentage your money will grow in one year at the same dividend rate – including the effects of compounding. For example, the APY on a 6-Month Certificate would be what you earned at the end of a year if you renewed your certificate once, did not add to or subtract from the balance along the way, nor withdrew any dividends.

Please refer to Features and Details tabs for more information.

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"Opening account as simple as a click"

Open quote This account was easy to open and has good value for money. Close quote

—Prem, Wallingford, CT

Easy Ways To Open an Ltd Savings Account

  1. Open Online – Opening an Ltd Savings Account is fast and convenient! Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and open your account in minutes online.
  2. By Phone – Call 800.328.8797 or 508.263.6700, (select 3).
  3. Visit a DCU Branch – Visit a local branch and open a Ltd Savings Account. A Member Service Representative will assist you and be able to answer all your questions.

"Great savings option"

Open quote This has been a great savings tool. It's perfectly in-between a traditional share savings account and a certificate of deposit. Close quote

— Mona, Dallas, TX

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